Review; Sunday Lunch at Wylam Brewery

As anyone who comes from Newcastle will be able to tell you, the city has become a bit of a foodie haven over the last few years. With new local eateries, trendy food trucks and chain restaurants popping up all over Newcastle upon Tyne in recent times, there’s no shortage of choice when deciding on where to eat out. The same goes for bars, pubs and, most recently, breweries within and close to the city centre.

Being a lover of good food and drink myself, this comes with no complaints from me. In fact, I feel like there’s so many good places to eat in town now that I’ve heard others rave about, that I wouldn’t know where to start first. Luckily for me, the decision of where to have Sunday lunch with a group of friends today wasn’t up to me, as myself and my boyfriend were invited to a friendly catch up meal with some of our couple friends.

It goes without saying, we didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation as soon as Sunday lunch at Wylam Brewery was mentioned. We’d heard great things about the meals there, and are already fans of the regular food stall competitions that are held there across the summer, so we couldn’t wait to give it a try!

Wylam Brewery in Exhibition Park

It gives me great pleasure to say that we were not disappointed. If you haven’t already visited Wylam Brewery, which opened in Exhibition Park in 2016 after taking over the historic Palace of Arts building, it’s a unique and gorgeous venue with a mix of modern and authentic features. Although equally casual and perfect for day drinking on a sunny weekend.

Inside Wylam Brewery
Inside Wylam Brewery

While the grand hall within the building is normally only open to private or promoted events, the restaurant and bar area, known as the tap kitchen, remain open for drinks and small plates Thursdays to Saturdays, and for traditional Sunday lunch each Sunday. Though the menu wasn’t huge, I was impressed with everything on it.

I opted for the belly pork option, but there was also a choice of lamb, beef and vegetarian terrine. Luckily all of my friends on the table chose at least one of each option collectively, and I have to say that each one looked as tasty as the other!

Sunday lunch at Wylam Brewery

When the meals arrived we were all very impressed with the portion sizes, and accordingly did the typical ‘oofft!’ reaction out loud as the plates were presented to us by the lovely waitress (absolute props to Wylam Brewery on your staff, they were all fantastic). The belly pork was absolutely delicious and came with a bonus of crackling on the big portion of meat, which I wasn’t expecting but was more than happy with. The vegetables were cooked to perfection, the Yorkshire puddings were giant and the light gravy accompanying the meal was perfect as it wasn’t either too rich or too watery. We were even offered extra gravy for the table, which obviously we didn’t turn down!

Another factor which adds to the loveliness of the venue is that it is dog friendly, so our friends brought along their pug, Olly, and border terrier, Freddie. The staff were more than accommodating of the little dudes and were happy to bring out water for them. They just chilled out under the table, or at least until the smell of our food got a little bit too exciting for Olly.

Wylam Bewery is a dog friendly venue

After our mains, which took us all a fair amount of time to polish off due to the sizes, we went for dessert. There were three choices including a cheese board, blood orange cake with rhubarb, pistachios and cream cheese, and my favourite on the menu, chocolate and cherry sundae. Guys, if you trust me on one thing throughout this review, please make sure you don’t skip dessert. It was a dream.

Of course Wylam Brewery also has an excellent selection of drinks, so is the perfect spot for any beer lover as they have over 30 on offer. I’m more of a cider girl myself though and opted for the guest cider, which honestly tasted like summer in a glass, why is it still only February?

So, to sum up; myself and my splendid group of friends all had a wonderful meal at Wylam Brewery, and it was a fantastic place to catch up with pals we hadn’t seen in a while. The staff were great, the menu was brilliantly put together and I will most definitely be bringing my Dad here the next time he suggests going for a Sunday dinner.

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