Review; W*nk Buddies at Live Theatre

I love visiting any theatre for the first time, and for me my debut visit to the Quayside’s Live Theatre was a particularly lovely one! Albeit I’m shocked at myself for not going sooner.

Not only is the theatre foyer a wonderful mixture of modern build meets countryside pub, but the theatre itself is well set out with a corner shaped stage and adapted seating.

As I walked in I saw that the stage was set up with a noticeably interesting set. Simple but effective, a double bed took centre stage next to a clothes rail of ensembles, all in different shades of bright pink.

The intimate venue was the perfect setting for W*nk Buddies. Lasting only an hour, the show needs no more and no less time to tell the story of two friends bonding at a house party.

As the stars of the show, Cameron Sharp and Jake Jarratt, take to the stage to introduce themselves, they tell the audience about the typical student house party they find themselves at whilst studying drama at university. The audience quickly realises that they’re in for a treat.

Cameron Sharp and Jake Jarratt in W*nk Buddies

Cameron enjoys dancing the night away while Jake prefers to stand back and look for a potential lass to chat up. Showing from the onset that the pair have very differing personalities, the show tells a gorgeous story of a friendship growing out of misunderstandings through, what starts as, unwitting communication.

Swinging from hilarious one liners and hitting tones of political and emotional heartache, W*nk Buddies is the perfect show to establish and create conversation around the complex issues that young gay men face, and how barriers created by cultural stereotypes can be broken.

Themes of societal homophobia are tackled brilliantly in this two man performance, as well as class, relationships and, erm, Baywatch…

Cameron Sharp and Jake Jarratt in W*nk Buddies

Talking you through their night of sharing a room together, Cameron and Jake play off each other perfectly throughout. From arguing to play fighting to an all out incredible and side splittingly funny dance routine to Britney Spears. There was nothing not to fall in love with about this show.

As it drew to a heartwarming close, the audience was left with a beautiful sense of happiness and emancipation. W*nk Buddies is a gloriously feel good production that should be seen across the country.

W*nk Buddies is now touring the UK

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