Review; Amaysia Chinese Restaurant

The UK is home to numerous celebrated Chinatowns, and Newcastle’s very own Stowell Street is at the heart of the Chinese community within Newcastle.

Stowell Street in Newcastle’s city centre, just a stones throw away from Eldon Square, is laden with authentic Chinese restaurants. So if you’re in the mood for Chinese cuisine then it’s the perfect place in town to head! After doing some research online, my partner Andy and I decided to try Amaysia, who describe themselves as ‘The Uniquely Asian’.

Amaysia, Stowell Street, Chinese  restaurants in Newcastle
Amaysia, Stowell Street

Finding Amaysia is easy, as it’s right in the middle of Stowell Street. When entering the restaurant we were greeted by a friendly member of staff at the bar before being taken up some stairs to the main floor.

One of the first things we noticed was the decor, as it’s a mixture of neutral tones and furniture, with a few additions of more eclectic decorations (including a Pikachu and collection of other Chinese New Year inspired animals hanging above some of the tables!)

Amaysia, Amaysia Newcastle, Chinatown Newcastle,  Amaysia Review
Amaysia, Stowell Street

The restaurant has a very modern feel, while serving traditional Chinese and Malaysian food (or what we know as traditional in the UK at least). The menu is noticeably huge, and the size of a book rather than a standard menu. It was packed full of a lot of our favourite Chinese dishes, as well as some more alternative options. Their drinks menu is also really impressive, including lots of their speciality non-alcoholic cocktail style drinks. Iced Lychee and Grass Jelly in Syrup, or a Malt Cereal & Crushed Ice? No problem!

After eventually deciding what we were going to order, I chose Salt and Pepper King Prawns for starter and Beef in Black Bean Sauce on Crispy Noodles for my main. Andy went for Prawn Toast for his starter and Chicken Satay with Egg Fried Rice for mains. To say the least, we chose well!

As we waited a short time for our starters, we noticed a large party at a round table behind us enjoy an absolute feast of sharing plates! Our eyes were definitely growing bigger than our stomachs from nosying at their table!

Chinese restaurants NEWCASTLE, Amaysia, Amaysia Restaurant, Amaysia Review
Our starters were delicious

Our starters were incredibly tasty and I’m still thinking about the Salt and Pepper King Prawns, they were delicious! I’ve already planned to try out the Salt and Pepper Tofu next time we go! It’s worth pointing out that Amaysia had lots of veggie friendly options too.

We were served by three or four different waiting staff, and all of them extremely polite and friendly. There was no awkward waiting time and they were very attentive without being overbearing.

As our main courses arrived, it was clear that there was no chance I was ever going to finish it! The portion sizes were huge and there was no chance of either of us going home hungry. Just as with the starters, the mains were full-flavoured. Andy pointed out that his Chicken Satay was spicier than he’d expected, as it’s one of his favourite dishes. But he was chuffed with this as he can handle his spice! I, on the other hand, am not at all good with spice, so I was glad that the Black Bean Sauce wasn’t unexpectedly spicy.

Beef in Black Bean Sauce on Crispy Noodles

Just as I anticipated, I wasn’t even halfway through my main course before I was full. Being a liiittle bit hungover from the night before though, having too much food was a lot more appreciated than not enough!

We both very much enjoyed our meals, and have already planned to organise a get together with friends so that we can enjoy one of the amazing party tables that the people behind us had.

Amaysia, Stowell Street

As we left, we were kindly said goodbye to from a few of the waiting and bar staff, which always goes a long way in my book.

Amaysia, Stowell Street

To book a meal and view the full menu from Amaysia, visit

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