If, like me, you have been aware of the Free Britney campaign for some time, and were on the edge of your seat while watching Framing Britney Spears when it was released back in February, you may well be jumping for joy today.

Last night, Britney Spears finally spoke out publicly about her conservatorship. And praise be, she eventually got the opportunity to speak her truth. In short, she annihilated her Dad and the team that have been forcing and controlling her every action for the last 13 years, under the conservatorship. 

Having been under speculation for a few years, Britney confirmed her fans worst fears and theories that she was being abused and forced into things such as work, therapy, and even birth control, against her will. 

I don’t want to repeat the things she said because, to be honest, they’re heartbreaking and horrifying. But you will be able to find numerous recordings online elsewhere by now. 

I guess my point here is just to say, what so many of her fans have been campaigning for, #FreeBritney. Let her have her life back.

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