What I’ve been up to

So, I don’t need to tell you that the last year and a bit has been crazy. Covid changed so many things. The world’s been turned upside down and, er, I managed to binge watch all of Gossip Girl more than once during lockdown.

Sadly, because of the worldwide pandemic, the events industry was brought to its knees. Theatres and music venues have been some of the hardest hit businesses in this whole mess and countless tours and shows have been cancelled. Of course when I started this blog in late 2019, then called Tickets in Newcastle, I had no idea what was about to happen or that there’d shortly be no events to write about. And while live music and theatre is still one of my biggest loves, I’ve diversified a bit into a wider net of North East culture.

Well, it sort of happened accidentally, really. Like loads of others, I randomly downloaded TikTok in lockdown, and fully expected it to just be lots of daft videos of funny dances or cute dogs. Thankfully, there is a lot of that on TikTok, but I also found lots of other communities and cool things on there too.

One day last summer I decided to experiment with making a TikTok and uploaded a video about a couple of local places and businesses in Newcastle, and, since then, my TikTok has grown to over 30k followers. Most of which are from the North East, and seem to actually really like my content!

And so, I have managed to build my own community on TikTok full of people that appreciate everything North East, and have also helped out lots of local and independent businesses along the way. It’s been really amazing to share these places with people and get to know so many people who work at these businesses, as well as my followers. I’ve got so many lovely followers, and it’s been quite overwhelming. But I can’t wait to keep making more content!

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