If you’re stuck at home, maybe missing a pint at the pub or getting a bit bored of baking banana bread, you might have noticed a lot of companies and venues have started doing live online versions of pub quizzes – and it’s a dead canny idea! 

The problem with this is that it can sometimes be a bit difficult joining in with one of these quizzes at the same time as your friends and family in other homes. So, I’ve put together 50 pub quiz worthy questions perfect for us Geordies to get involved with! This way, you can either challenge your family at home, or you can have one of your friends host as a quizmaster on a Skype, Zoom or Houseparty video call and have your very own pub quiz at home without leaving the house!

The rules are pretty simple, below are 50 questions about Geordie culture and Newcastle upon Tyne. Each question is multiple choice and gives you 3 options to choose from. Either print off the questions and multiple choice options, or keep note of which answer you choose from A, B or C. The correct answers are at the very bottom of this page – so it’s important that the quiz master doesn’t give these out to anyone and googling answers is not allowed. Little cheaters.

So, call ya mates, get ya snacks and the rosé wine out and let’s gan!


1. What year did the Tyne Theatre and Opera House on Westgate Road open?

A. 1867

B. 1898

C. 1910

2. Which is thought to be the oldest pub in Newcastle city centre?

A. City Tavern

B. The Old George Inn

C. The Town Wall

3. Before it closed down in 2008, which street was Woolworths based on in Newcastle City Centre?

A. Clayton Street

B. Grainger Street

C. Pilgrim Street

4. Which popular orange drink was invented by a chemist in Newcastle?

A. Tango


C. Lucozade

5. What year did Barry Manilow perform at Newcastle’s Utilita Arena (previously Metro Radio Arena) for the first time?

A. 1995

B. 1996

C. 1999

6. How long did it take to build the Tyne Bridge?

A. 10 Years

B. 5 Years

C. 3 Years

7. How many goals did Alan Shearer score playing for Newcastle United?

A. 152

B. 193

C. 206

8. Newcastle Central Station was opened in 1850. Which members of the Royal family opened the station?

A. Prince George and Princess Marina

B. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

C. King George V and Queen Mary

9. Finish the lyrics to this number 1 single by PJ & Duncan, AKA Ant &Dec; “Lets get ready to…”

A. Rhumble

B. Fhumble

C. Thumble

10. In 2006 a French artist placed different Space Invader inspired mosaics all over Newcastle City Centre and Gateshead. What is the name of the artist?

A. Invader

B. Space Raider

C. French Invader

Space invaders, space invaders art, space invaders mosaics, invader artist, Newcastle art, art on Newcastle streets, Newcastle upon Tyne Street art, street are north east, art project Newcastle upon tyne
Space Invader style mosaics are dotted across Newcastle

11. The longest direct flight that leaves Newcastle International Airport lasts around 10 hours 5 minutes and takes passengers 4,849 miles. Which city does it go to?

A. New York

B. Dubai

C. Cancún

12. In January 2019, Greggs the Bakers released a new product that offended TV presenter Piers Morgan (we were all very proud of them for it). Which product was it?

A. Vegan Steak Bake

B. Vegan Sausage Roll

C. Vegetarian Hot Dog

13. How many kilometres does the dene in Jesmond Dene stretch for?

A. 3

B. 7

C. 12

14. What was the name of Jill Halfpenny’s character in Byker Grove?

A. Nicola

B. Annie

C. Chelsea

15. On Dean Street you’ll find a bar named Colonel Porter’s Emporium, but which famous ale did Colonel Porter concoct?

A. Old Crafty Hen

B. Newcastle Brown Ale

C. Hobgoblin

16. The Baltic is an iconic arts centre on the Gateshead quays, but before it became a renowned art gallery, what was it?

A. A Cigarette Factory

B. A Brewery

C. A Flour Mill

17 . Which famous bread comes from Newcastle?

A. Stottie cake

B. Pita

C. Pumpernickel

18. Where in Newcastle is Newcastle Cricket Club based?

A. Heaton Park, Heaton

B. West Farm Avenue, Longbenton

C. Osborne Avenue, Jesmond

19. In Newcastle’s Bigg Market there is a bar called Filthy McNasty’s – but which venue stood there before it was converted?

A. Bar M

B. Balmbras

C. Blu Bambu

20. Which theatre in the city centre has the most seats?

A. The Tyne Theatre and Opera House

B. The Theatre Royal

C. Northern Stage

21. What type of food is The Redhouse on Newcastle’s Quayside famous for?

A. Fish and Chips

B. Pie and Mash

C. Jacket Potatoes

22. Which type of architecture is Newcastle’s Dean Street famous for?

A. Georgian

B. Modern

C. Medieval

23. Geordie lad Sam Fender has shot to fame in the music industry and recently announced a sold out gig at the Utilita Arena. But before he became known for his musical talent he tried his hand at acting. Which British TV series did he appear in the first episode of?

A. Peaky Blinders

B. Vera

C. Call the Midwife

24. For 20 years, Metroland was Europe’s largest indoor amusement park and featured a rollercoaster, a pirates ship and the infamous waltzers. But what year did it close?

A. 2005

B. 2008

C. 2010

Metroland, metro centre, Gateshead theme park, metro land 90s, Metroland closed, Gateshead, Newcastle, tickets in Newcastle, Newcastle theme park, Gateshead indoor theme park
Metroland inside Gateshead’s Metro Centre

25. Which former Newcastle Falcons player kicked the winning drop goal for England in the 2003 Rugby World Cup Final?

A. Inga Tuigamala

B. Jonny Wilkinson

C. Carl Hayman

26. Segedunum Roman Fort in Wallsend stands at which point of Hadrian’s Wall?

A. Northernmost

B. Westernmost

C. Easternmost

27. In 2011, a well known North East radio station changed its name to Capital North East, but what did it used to be called?

A. Meteor

B. Star

C. Galaxy

28. What is the name of the girl band that famous Geordie singer Cheryl found fame in?

A. Girls Aloud

B. Sugababes

C. Little Mix

29. The Newcastle Eagles have had home arenas at Metro Radio Arena between 1995-2010, and then Sport Central at Northumbria Uni between 2010-2018, before building their own Eagles Community Arena. Which area of Newcastle is this purpose built facility based in?

A. Elswick

B. Ouseburn

C. West Denton

30. STACK Newcastle has been a really popular spot in Newcastle City Centre since it opened in 2018, and has lots of excellent food vendors to choose from. But what’s the name of the sushi restaurant there?

A. Ghetto Sushi Star

B. Sushi’s Delight

C. Sushi Me Rollin’

31. The Angel of the North was created by which sculptor?

A. Antony Gormley

B. Thomas Heatherwick

C. Sarah Lucas

32. Which famous band that released singles titled ‘Lifted’ and ‘Raincloud’ formed in Newcastle back in 1993?

A. Robson & Jerome

B. Lighthouse Family

C. Liberty X

33. What is the name of the retro sweet shop based on Heaton Road, Heaton, that has been open since 1934?

A. Trevor’s Sweet Shop

B. Smith’s Sweet Shop

C. Clough Sweet Shop

34. If you went to The Mushroom Bar on Grainger Street and ordered a Skittles Cocktail, what would the ingredients be?

A. Vodka, Blue Curacao, Taboo, Orange Juice & Lemonade

B. Vodka, Cherry Sourz, Pepsi Max

C. Absolut Mandarin, Triple Sec & Red Bull

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Skittles cocktails at The Mushroom

35. Central Arcade in Newcastle City Centre is home to which music shop?

A. TY Vinyls

B. JG Windows

C. VW Sounds

36. Before Tesco Extra in Gateshead town centre was built, it used to be a famous car park. But which film did it star in?

A. Get Carter

B. The Italian Job

C. Goldfinger

37. Newcastle’s Town Moor is home to which type of farm animal in the summer months?

A. Cows

B. Sheep

C. Horses

38. What is the nickname for The Millennium Bridge?

A. The Twinkling Eye

B. The Winking Eye

C. The Blinking Eye

39. Fenwicks department store originated in Newcastle in what year?

A. 1882

B. 1903

C. 1921

40. Which famous rock star used to busk on Heaton’s Chillingham Road?

A. David Bowie

B. Jimi Hendrix

C. Bob Dylan

41. Newcastle’s very own dog café opened in 2017, but what is it called?

A. Dog and Scone

B. Dog and Bone

C. Dog and Calzone

42. Which band was the first major rock band to perform live at Newcastle’s St James’ Park?

A. Status Quo

B. Queen

C. The Rolling Stones

43. Between 1941-1948, the statue of Earl Grey on top of Newcastle’s Grey’s Monument stood without a head – why was this?

A. A Construction Worker Accidentally Broke The Statue

B. The Statue Was Struck By Lightning

C. Hot Summer Weather Caused The Statue To Melt

44. Which well known Geordie folk song written in 1862 includes lyrics referring to ‘Scotswood Road’ and ‘Airmstrang’s Factory’?

A. Blaydon Races

B. Swalwell Marathon

C. Benwell Bounding

45. Which year did HMV move from Northumberland Street to Eldon Square?

A. 2010

B. 2014

C. 2017

Northumberland Street, Northumberland Street Newcastle, old Northumberland Street, geordies on Northumberland Street, Newcastle shopping, Newcastle shopping street, hmv Newcastle, hmv northumberlan Street, Eldon square, Newcastle City Centre, Newcastle City Centre shopping
A busy Northumberland Street before HMV moved into Eldon Square

46. How many books does the Lit and Phil Library on Westgate Road have in it?

A. More than 90,000

B. More than 170,000

C. More than 200,000

47. Wylam Brewery in Newcastle’s Exhibition Park is now a popular venue for events, food and drinks. But what was the building previously?

A. A Garden Centre

B. A Tearoom

C. A Military Vehicle Museum

48. Famous rock star Sting was born in Wallsend and worked as a teacher in Cramlington before his music career took off. Where did his stage name ‘Sting’ come from?

A. He Was Stung By A Bee On Stage

B. He Worked In A Pub Called The Beehive

C. He Wore A Black And Yellow Jumper

49. Where was the first ever Greggs bakery opened in 1951?

A. Gosforth

B. Byker

C. Forest Hall

50. The Victoria Tunnel in Newcastle was built in the 1800’s, but where does it run to and from?

A. Sandyford to Walker

B. Leazes Park to Dunston Staiths

C. The Town Moor to Ouseburn

Victoria tunnel, Victoria tunnels, Newcastle underground tunnels, Victoria tunnels Ouseburn, Ouseburn tunnels, Ouseburn underground tunnels, historical underground tunnels in Newcastle
The Victoria Tunnels in Newcastle


(divvent show anyone these ‘til the end!)

  1. A – 1867
  2. B – The Old George Inn
  3. A – Clayton Street
  4. C – Lucozade
  5. B – 1996
  6. C – 3 years – construction started in August 1925 and finished in October 1928
  7. C – 206
  8. B – Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
  9. A – Rhumble
  10. A – Invader
  11. C – Cancún, Mexico
  12. B – Vegan Sausage Roll
  13. A – 3 (or just over 3)
  14. A – Nicola
  15. B – Newcastle Brown Ale
  16. C – A Flour Mill
  17. A – Stottie Cake
  18. C – Osborne Avenue, Jesmond
  19. C – Blu Bambu
  20. B – The Theatre Royal
  21. B – Pie and Mash
  22. A – Georgian
  23. B – Vera
  24. B – 2008
  25. B – Jonny Wilkinson
  26. C – Easternmost
  27. C – Galaxy (or Galaxy North East)
  28. A – Girls Aloud
  29. A – Elswick
  30. C – Sushi Me Rollin’
  31. A – Antony Gormley
  32. B – Lighthouse Family
  33. C – Clough Sweet Shop
  34. A – Vodka, blue curacao, taboo, orange juice & lemonade
  35. B – JG Windows
  36. A – Get Carter
  37. A – Cows
  38. C – The Blinking Eye
  39. A – 1882
  40. B – Jimi Hendrix
  41. A – Dog and Scone
  42. C – The Rolling Stones, June 23rd 1982
  43. B – The Statue was Struck by Lightning
  44. A – Blaydon Races
  45. B – 2014
  46. B – More than 170,000
  47. C – A Military Vehicle Museum
  48. C – He Wore A Black And Yellow Jumper
  49. A – Gosforth
  50. C – The Town Moor to Ouseburn

So there we go – I hope you enjoyed the quiz and maybe learned some new facts about the Toon. Please get in touch to let me know how you did!

Fenwicks, Fenwicks Newcastle, Fenwicks Northumberland Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle history, Geordie history, Fenwicks in the 1960s, Fenwicks department store,  Newcastle shopping, Newcastle high street
Fenwicks in Newcastle back in 1966